ETT BV has been established in 1988 as a management company and is ‘to this day’ still a highly ranked service company. Founded in the Netherlands, with roots all over the Benelux. The company specializes in developing and selling speed enforcement systems, but also have projects involving other major brands of Hi-Tech goods, multimedia and other sophisticated devices.

About us

Convenience craving consumers are always looking for a way to do things better, faster, stronger and cheaper. Often that means turning to a speciality service. That’s where we come in! “ETT BV is the only company that you will ever need again” for all your product sourcing needs. Our reputation has been built by consistently delivering high quality products and personalized services to each of our customers.

With our well balanced team and our ‘27 years of experience’, we’re able to provide and guarantee our customers the best service worldwide. We understand the value of having a knowledgeable person there to answer all your questions quickly and sufficient. Guided by our strategic vision of it’s partners, ETT BV will continue as a leader in its field, while pursuing even more ambitious goals.


Office Address:
Paul Parmentierlaan 121
8300 Knokke-Heist

VAT: NL0092 01 270 B02

Registered Address:
Parklaan 34
3016 BC Rotterdam

gsm+31 10 742 25 25

fax+31 6 22 745 532